Matted, Tangled, Super dry Hair? Bring your hair back to life with these 3 easy steps!


Matted, Tangled, Super dry Hair? Bring your hair back to life with these 3 easy steps!


Have your bundles lost their life and lustre? Is your hair feeling lifeless and dull? Then it’s time to follow our PremiHair 3 easy steps to revive those tired locks to their former glory!

We know the hair game can be costly and sometimes you just want to get some extra life out of your old bundles before new hair day right?  Unfortunately after a while all virgin hair needs a little TLC to bounce back  because lets be honest when you’ve invested in our quality virgin remy hair you want to get the most out of your bundles.

Our 3 step guide to reviving your tresses will leave you feeling like new hair day part 2 has arrived, keep reading to find out more!


A crucial first step to reviving your hair, now you might be faced with a big bundle of weave an want to attack it from all angles with force- DON’T! This hair is in a vulnerable state and needs your careful attention and patience at this stage. Using a wide toothed and or a tangle teaser , gently start working through each piece of hair from root to tip. You can even add some conditioner or a Extra Virgin olive oil and luke warm water mix to help create that lubrication you need to slide through the hair when combing out. Be patient with larger knots and use your fingers to try to remove the severe tangles before attempting to brush or comb. Continue throughout your bundles until all hair is tangle free and move onto the clarifying rise!

ACV and Rinse

Apple Cider Vinegar. Your saviour for removing weeks/months of build up you had no idea about. Build up is one of the most common causes of matting , tangling and breakage so this stage is key to reviving those bundles! Soak your bundles in a diluted mix of apple cider vinegar and water, this will work as a deep clarifying agent removing build up. If your bundles are still installed, add the Apple Cider Vinegar mix to a spray bottle and apply liberally to your head and leave to sit for as long as as you can- we recommend 45 mins to 1hour!

Now it’s time to rinse that from your hair, using a clarifying shampoo that will also aid in the removal of any build up remaining. There are a variety of great inexpensive high street brands to choose from, so pick your favourite and apply.  Be sure to be as gently as you were at the de-tangling stage, you hair is even more vulnerable when when , which means any vigorous scrubbing will lead to more tangles and breakage. As you rinse you will see dark colour running from the hair, this is all the build up leaving your locks and a sign of success! lather rinse and repeat until the water runs clear from your hair.


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This next step can be skipped if you are happy with your hairs condition but for those seriously tired bundles we recommend using a silicon mix to revive your hair even more. After washing the hair as above, towel dry and massage in this wonder product. Leave on from 2 to 3 minutes depending on the conditions of the hair. Rinse out fully. TA DA! Thank us later.



Deep Condition

Now your bundles are squeaky clean but lacking some serious moisture after all that cleansing! Another crucial and essential step to bringing the life back to your hair; Deep conditioning- never skip this step! Applying a deep conditioning treatment opens up the cuticles and penetrates deep into the hair strands to bring back that supple, soft , bouncy hair from way back when! We recommend any moisture based conditioning treatment like the high street ones below. In small sections , ensure that the hair is saturated with the conditioner and use a wide tooth comb to distribute the product from root to tip. Let your hair sit with this treatment for at least 30 mins. For an additional burst of conditioning power , if your hair is not installed , leave over night in a plastic bag or place in a plastic bag and pop in the microwave for 45 seconds – 1 minute. DO NOT follow this step if you have attached clips to your hair.

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Once this final step is complete, rinse thoroughly and let your hair air dry. You wonderful weave will be soft and manageable ready for styling or to be re fitted. If you are installing this hair, seal the wefts with liquid gold to avoid any shedding due to weakened tracks and always use heat protection when using hot tools!