All of our colour shades explained – Find your colour!



Need to find your perfect shade? Not sure which shade is right for you? We’ve got you covered!

We know shopping for hair online can be tough, especially when it comes to deciding what shade to choose from. From Wigs to weaves we’ve got a tell all guide for you to use to make sure you’re rocking that perfect hue!

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Our easy-to-identify, up-close photos of most of our ranges can be found via the link below whether you are looking for something specific or you are scrolling through to see what strikes your shading fancy. We pride ourselves on offering a huge variety of colouring choices and every colour is fully explained below.

Not sure what our shade names mean? Want to know the difference between Natural colour and Natural black or do you need some more information on some of our great wig shades? Look no further, below is your fantastic guide to ALL of our shades- have fun!

ATTENTION: This colour chart is for reference only and colours may appear different on different screens used.

Natural Shades

1 – Jet Black

1B / Natural Black – Darkest brown black

Natural Colour – Brown black

2– Medium dark brown

4– Medium brown

44– Natural dark grey

51– Natural light grey

34– Dark grey

280 – Darkest grey

Mix/highlight Shades

1B/27 – Darkest brown with strawberry blonde tones

1B/30 – Darkest browns with honey blonde tones

1B/33 – Darkest brown with warm blonde tones

1B/99J/425– Darkest brown with bright and deep plum tones

1B/Raisin – Darkest brown and deep dark plum tones

2/4 – Medium dark brown and medium brown tones

4/27 – Medium brown and strawberry blonde tones

4/30 – Medium brown and honey blonde tones

4/27/18 – Medium brown and honey and ash blonde tones

4/27/30 – Medium brown and strawberry and ash blonde tones

27/30 – Strawberry blonde with honey blonde tones

27/613 – Strawberry blonde with bleach blonde tones

30/33 – Honey blonde with warm blonde tones

OTBLBLK – Black with dark blue tones

OTDKPU – Black with dark purple tones

OP27 – Strawberry blonde mix

OP4/30 – Medium brown honey blonde mix

SP1b/30 – Darkest brown and honey blonde mix

SP4/30 – Medium brown and honey blonde mix

Other colour shades

99J – Plum

Almono – Sandy blonde

Berry – Dark purple

Caramel – Rich honey blonde

Cherry – Vibrant red

Cran – Warm light red

Grape – pink purple

Hazel – Bright blonde

Raisin – Light Red

Safari – Warm blonde & brown

Sand – Sandy & Light blonde

Sunset – Peach blonde

Sienna – Sandy & Warm blonde

Fringe Highlight shades

XB/Sberry – Vibrant pink and purple

XB/Red – Vibrant bright red

XB/Sunkiss – Blonde mix

BX27 – Strawberry blonde

BX2730 – Strawberry and warm blonde mix

BX30 – Honey blonde

BX350 – Red blonde

BX613 – Bleach blonde

Graduated root shades

OM1B/99J/530 – Darkest brown root with bright and deep plum tones

OM4/30 – Medium brown root with Medium brown and Honey blonde tones

OT/27 – Brown root with strawberry blonde base

OT/30 -Brown root with honey blonde base

OT/530 – Dark plum root with vibrant plum base

Dip Dye shades

TT1B/27 – 30% Darkest Brown 70% Strawberry blonde

TT1B/30 – 30% Darkest brown 70% Honey blonde

TT1B/33 – 30% Darkest brown 70% Warm blonde

TT1B/Burg – 30% Darkest brown 70% Burgundy


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