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Rihanna’s Long Bob with fringe (VIR – Venus)Rihanna’s Long Bob with fringe (VIR – Venus)
Mariah Carey's Long Kinky Curly Hair (CNC - Venus)Mariah Carey’s Long Kinky Curly Hair (CNC – Venus)
Chloe Grace Moretz’s Long Wavy Curly Hair (LEO – Venus)
Leighton Meester's Long Wavy Curl Hair (Autumn - VenusLeighton Meester’s Long Wavy Curl Hair (Summer – Venus)
Kim Kardashian's Long Wavy Hair (LEO - Venus)Kim Kardashian’s Long Wavy Hair (LEO – Venus)
Katie Holmes' Bob with fringe (Spring - Venus)Katie Holmes’ Bob with fringe (Spring – Venus)
Cheryl Cole's Long Wavy Hair (Leo - Venus)Cheryl Cole’s Long Wavy Hair (Leo – Venus)
Taylor Swift's Medium Hair with side fringe (AGR Venus)Taylor Swift’s Medium Hair with side fringe (AGR Venus)
Dutches Kate Middleton's Long Wavy Hair(Leo - Venus)Dutches Kate Middleton Long Wavy Hair(Leo – Venus)
Taylor Swift's Long Natural Wavy Hair (DHL - Venus)Taylor Swift’s Long Natural Wavy Hair (DHL – Venus)
Kelly Rowland's Long Kinky Curly Hair (CNC - Venus)Kelly Rowland’s Long Kinky Curly Hair (CNC – Venus)
Carrie Underwood's Long Wavy Hair (Summer - Venus)Carrie Underwood’s Long Wavy Hair (Summer – Venus)
Halle Berry's Short Sexy Layer Hairstyle (Nov - Venus)Halle Berry’s Short Sexy Layer Hairstyle (Nov – Venus)
Taylor Swift's Layer Curly Hair (July - Lady)Taylor Swift’s Layer Curly Hair (July – Lady)
Rihanna's Short Pixie Cut (Feb - Venus)Rihanna’s Short Pixie Cut (Feb – Venus)
Charlize Theron's Layer Curly HIair (VyVy - Venus)Charlize Theron’s Layer Curly Hair (VyVy – Venus)
Miley Cyrus's short pixie hair (FEB - Venus)Miley Cyrus’s short pixie hair (APR – Venus)
Carrie Underwood's Long Layer Hair (AGR - Venus)Carrie Underwood’s Long Layer Hair (AGR – Venus)
Taylor Swift 's Long Straight Bob with frindge (VIR - Venus)Taylor Swift ‘s Long Straight Bob with frindge (VIR – Venus)
Rihanna's Wavy Curly Layer Hair ( July - Lady)Rihanna’s Wavy Curly Layer Hair ( July – Lady)
Katy Perry's 25th birthday party hosted by 42 Below Vodka at a private space in Hollywood, CA (Casey Rodgers / AP Images for 42 Below) Katy Perry’s Medium Straight Hair With Fringe (GEM – Venus)
Kylie Jenner's Long straight hair (PSC - Venus)Kylie Jenner’s Long straight hair (PSC – Venus)